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Professional UCE


We all know that taking the piss out of other people's speeling and grammar is a dangerous game as we're all guilty, just some more than others. But1 I got some unsolicited commercial email today to my work email address that made me wince. Here it is:

Professional UCE

It was "Me and my team of lead generation experts are" which set my nostrils twitching2.

As for "different verticals" nouning the adjective makes a change from verbing the noun I suppose and "set-up" for "set up" is just a minor irritation.

My favourite however is the suggestion that he can "inject new life into your pipeline". I get emails like that every day, but normally little blue pills is the solution on offer ...

Anyway, I think this "professional" needs to employ a proof reader.

  1. He says, starting a sentence with a conjunction.
  2. I was also concerned about "organisations", which my dead tree Oxford dictionary says takes a "z", but an exchange with Simon suggests that it's not that simple so I've dropped that quibble here.

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