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NEX-6 WiFi - Why Bother?


Having sung the praises of the NEX-6 we now move on to the down sides and the biggest so far has been the failed promise of WiFi and the App Store, neither of which have delivered.

Taking them in reverse order the App Store is a joke to be honest with pitifully few applications, most of which would not be of interest to a serious photographer who would do what the apps do - for free - with their lightroom software of choice when they got home. The only ones I could see worth bothering with were:

  • Smart Remote Control which is free anyway and to my mind should be part of the standard firmware not an app you have to struggle to install (it lets you take photos using your camera controlled from your smartphone via an ad hoc WiFi network)
  • Time-lapse which lets you do time lapse movies. It costs £7.99 but there's a free Android app which does half the work controlling the camera over WiFi (taking the photos: you still have to stitch them together into a movie but there's binaries about to do that) so I can't see Time-lapse flying out the door.

I read somewhere that Sony did intend to open up the API to developers and they do seem to have opened up very tiny parts of it now, but not enough to get anyone interested in submitted apps.

Which brings me on to my second gripe. WiFi. I'd naively assumed that it would be easy to move images off the camera using WiFi. Nope. The best I could manage was to push them from the camera to my phone, over WiFi and from there to my PC via cloud storage. All a bit clunky. Surely it wouldn't have been that hard for them to have provided NFS and/or Samba over WiFi? It reminds me of how difficult it used to be to get images off cameras in the early days, before they all standardised on USB mass storage.

Now if the camera API was open it might be worth spending some time on this and writing an app but other than a very tiny part to do with controlling exposure etc it's not ...

Tags: photos, toys Written 27/04/14

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