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Reviewing Milton Country Park


For historical reasons I "own" the Google Maps listing for Milton Country Park which means that when someone reviews it Google mail me (I think this a new thing, I don't remember them doing this in the past).

Most people seem to like it: of the 15 reviews it got 7 five star, 6 four star and 2 three star. A couple of people commented about the pong (from the sewage works) which is fair enough as it can smell sometimes, although curiously one of those still gave it a four star review!

But my reason for posting were these two, which just made me giggle:

Great place to go. Cafe good and serves nice drinks and food with great cakes. The rocky road is massive! Beautiful views and nice wildlife. Would only be better if it had a train running round it.

Wow, a train! Funnily enough I'd love the idea (so would Nat, and Beth's and my Dads).

Very big and spacious and sometimes theres taster sessions for fishing. But theres rabbit feces everywhere.

Errrr ... yes. Really, rabbit faeces. About the most harmless poop around. But it seems he's not at all concerned about the dog shit, of which there is lots. People are strange.

Tags: country park Written 13/05/15

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