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We're in the middle of doing the annual re-validation exercise of all the entries in the village directory for Milton, where we live. Not every organization we list quotes their subscription rates but some do and I've noticed some interesting rises this year so I started logging it in a spreadsheet.

So far we've had four with increases:

Was Now Increase
90.00 140.00 55.56%
3.50 5.00 42.86%
30.00 35.00 16.67%
20.00 25.00 25.00%

As you can see each of these is well above inflation. But I know what you're going to say: you're only looking at those who have put up their prices, not those who haven't. Well I thought of that and I logged those too. There's been eight of those so far.

So if you add the four increases together and then divide by 12 rather than four to give you an average percentage increase you come out at 11.67%. This is at a time when CPI is only marginally above zero and RPI isn't much higher last time I saw it being quoted.

All of which is very curious and, for those whose income is linked to CPI or RPI, not just of academic interest, especially as one of the four who have increased prices will have users who are likely to fall into this category.

Tags: Milton Written 29/07/15

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