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Why Do I Bother?


At the weekend I bought another Chromebook (of which more later) from an eBay trader and yesterday he shipped it to me via Parcelforce Express 24. All well and good.

So I get an email from Parcelforce to tell me it's on its way. It read:

Subject: Your item is being despatched
From: PARCELFORCE WORLDWIDE <notifications@parcelforce.co.uk>
To: Paul Oldham
Date: Mon 16:25


You have a shipment being sent from [deleted] that is due to be despatched on 16/11/2015 using our Express 24 service. The tracking reference number is IC7342954 and it comprises of 1 parcel.

So I clicked on the link and was taken to http://tracking.parcelforce.net/ and it then insisted on opening a popup window (how last millennium, or at least last decade). So I told the browser that was OK, a popup window opened, an animated GIF appeared, and that was my lot. No data on my delivery at all.

In the end I figured it out: I disabled AdBlock Plus and, ta da, it worked.

So they've got code here which is opening a popup when there's really no need and doesn't work if you have the most commonly used ad blocker installed. Not impressed. But they're on Twitter so at least I could raise a flag. This exchange followed:

And of course they're right, it's an entirely different UI.

But, given that, why does their email send you to the .net site? Point missed at line one.

Tags: chromebook, web design Written 17/11/15

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