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Trump's "self funded" campaign


I was watching this rather excellent take down of Trump by ex-pat John Oliver this morning and was struck by the maths of this claim. Trump says he's self-funding his campaign to the tune of $20-25M. The actual figures are:

  • He's donated $250K to his campaign
  • He's loaned $17.5M to his campaign
  • Meanwhile he's already received over $7.5M in campaign contributions.

Here's the relevant segment:

The key issue here is that he can call in that loan at any point up to his nomination at the Republican Party Convention. So assuming that he does get the nomination, and that seems increasingly likely, I suspect he will see a significant rise in the level of campaign contributions in the run up giving him the potential to re-claim some or all of the loan.

So much for "self funded" then; "partially" at best I think ...

But it gets worse, if you really want to hear something scary start at 17:05. Here you can hear Trump say the best way to defeat ISIS is to target their families:

Yes, as Oliver points out, that is the front runner for the Republican Party nomination advocating a war crime.

Written 02/03/16

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