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Don't JADE


I've been lurking in a sub over on reddit lately which I may blog about it at some point as it's a fascinating place. But something did catch my eye there which struck me as generally useful. That's the principle "don't JADE".

JADE stands for "Justify, Argue, Defend, Explain". The idea is that with some people it's a waste of time even bothering as it just gives the other party more ammunition and they will come back at you again wasting even more of your time. Instead just walk away, metaphorically at least.

And this came to mind this morning when, wearing our WalkLakes hats, we had yet another email saying words to the effect of "hey, we've got this fantastic content on our web site, why don't you publicise it on your web site".

Now in times past I might have replied, explaining why we weren't going to do that but on the principle of don't JADE I've simple added the sender to our spam folder. So if and when they email us again, as about 50% of people do if we simply ignore them, it will go straight to spam and we'll never see the email.

Works for me.

Written 06/06/17

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