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Do all Paul Oldhams Have Beards?


I'm starting to think so. There's me of course, and I knew about Dr Paul Oldham who has a similar taste in black T shirts to me. Now I discover that Will Oldham's brother Paul Oldham, who plays in his band, is also sporting a beard.

All it needs now is for Paul Oldham the cycle cross champ to get a beard and that's pretty much all the top Google hits tied up. Hmmm ... he might be getting a bit of stubble.

Written 11/02/08

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On 11/02/08 at 10:00pm Paul wrote:

Oh yes, in case you're wondering Will Oldham is also known as Bonny 'Prince' Billy. He's well known in his genre, which appears to be a folk/punk/indie rock fusion, try Googling for him, there's lot on him out there.

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