5x12 pentomino tiling

It's 5am ...


... and I'm on the sofa typing on the laptop by the light of a USB light. Having smugly thought I'd got away with it it looks like I'm going down with the same virus Beth's been struggling with for the last four days as I've got a sore throat this morning and hence can't sleep. Deep joy.

I should sing the praises of this USB light though: when you live in a bungalow and you've removed a lot of doors (like we did when we moved in) then a light on in the sitting room means it's light in the bedroom too. Not good. But this little USB light is great. It clips on the top edge of your laptop display, the wire coming from it plugs into a spare USB socket and, hey presto, three white LEDs illuminate your keyboard. Just enough light to let you get on with wibbling at 5am without keeping your wife awake.

Meanwhile outside we're into round two of the storms associated with the deep low that's passing us and it's very windy outside. We took our aerial pole down on Saturday as all three aerials on it were pretty much unused now1 and it's been worrying Beth for a while as it's very tall (this being a bungalow).

Now I'm sitting here wondering how the tall brick chimney which rises from the opposite side of the sitting room from where I am now is going to cope. Hmmm ...

  1. Two broadcast VHF aerials, but I do pretty much all my radio when sitting still via the Net now, and a 2m/70cm ham aerial which I've not used in several years.

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