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A Productive Day


Despite having a sore throat and only about five hours sleep last night I've got a huge amount done today. For a start I'm blogging twice having already written at 5am today but I've also:

  • talked over some new work a customer wants done on their web site
  • answered by email (at some length) two support emails from a customer
  • helped a customer extract data from their database
  • better secured the web server hanging off our two broadband connections
  • recovered some database tables from our backups (after I accidentally deleted the database, ooops)
  • raised issues about progress on a project with a customer
  • tried (and failed sadly) to re-configure a customer's PC for him
  • made significant progress on The Big Project (hurrah!)
  • filled in a survey for the Federation of Small Businesses, it was a bit better thought out that the last one
  • listened to bits of The Budget and read and listened to some "post match" analysis
  • gossiped by email with a colleague from a previous job
  • stirred up the village about the pong from the sewage works via milton-news
  • fielded a call from Cambridge News about the same
  • ordered more birthday presents for my best beloved
  • walked the dog
  • done some washing
  • cooked supper
  • placed an order with Waitrose

So a good day. But despite having got such a lot done there's a hint of sadness in this for me as this is all pretty much what a typical day for me used to be like before Sunday 3rd February 2002.

Tags: Milton, press, work Written 12/03/08

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