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In the Yorkshire Dales


It's Good Friday and we're in the Yorkshire Dales. One side effect of which is that although I've got Internet access I'm not making a daily blog posting on our web site as I don't want people to know we're both away on holiday. But I am blogging daily on my laptop and when we get home I'll post the entries in the blog (which is allowed under the blog365 rules).

So if you're wondering why you're only seeing today's entry now, somewhat after the event, that's why.

So to business. We're staying at Fawber Farm, an old farm house 800' up the side of Penyghent and a little way north of Horton-in-Ribblesdale. Fawber is an old friend for us, and especially for me. The place is really a venue for scouts and it's pretty basic. "Camping indoors" is a good description: chemical toilets1, cold water out of spring above the farm, hot only if you heat it up, a roof which keeps the water out most of the time, bunks to sleep in and hard stone floors.

The farm from the yard2

We started coming here a good 15-20 years ago. Initially it was large parties of Cambridge computer programmers who worked for Acorn and its associate companies, plus hangers on like me. We used to get 25-30 people on the average trip.

Now we're older and it's a bit more civilised (although not much). It's invitation only and a core of about 15 people come regularly. There's twelve of us here this time, plus two small children (another change from times past) and two dogs (ditto).

The alarm went off at 4:30am today and we left for Fawber at 6am and so missed all the bank holiday traffic and were here by 10am. Pretty much a perfect trip up. It was windy on the way up and as we set off up the track across the three fields you have to navigate to get to the farm I got the first feel for how cold it was going to be.

Having unpacked we set off for a walk but only got a few hundred yards. There was a hell of a headwind with some sleet in it to add to the fun. But the real problem was that my back giving me pain every step I took. I fear I've pulled something loading and unloading over the last couple of days.

So we took it easier the rest of the afternoon. The weather worsened. We've had more sleet and now there's a dusting of snow. The rest of the gang have all arrived including Bess the labradoodle who is freaking Jake out a bit at the moment. Hope that settles down soon.

Anyway enough for today as the laptop battery is looking low and it needs charging.

  1. Across the yard, so a real joy staggering out to at 3am on a cold night with a hangover.
  2. All photos on this and subsequent posts are by Beth with her new camera and I've added them to the blog as I've been posting the entries onto this web site, click on any image to go to the original and also another 245(!) she took.

    You can also find lots of excellent photos taken around Fawber by Gareth here - he has a good eye for a photo.

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