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Inspired by the celebration of my parent's 50th wedding anniversary and the photos of their wedding I've been looking around at genealogy software, not least because I know my mother would like to start researching this more seriously too.

After scratching about a bit over the last week or so I've narrowed it down to two products. The first is PhpGedView - a very smart bit of software that lets you display and manipulate genealogical data via a web browser. What's nice about it from my point of view is that it's multi-user, so I may be able to train Mom to use it ...

It stores the data using the GEDCOM format which was invented by the Mormons who are pretty obsessed with this stuff. Most genealogy software uses it.

That's handy as I would like something simpler than PhpGedView for displaying family trees to the wider family and that's where I'm hoping to use Dan Pidcock's gedcomToHTML. Certainly some of his examples are clear and easy to read, easier than PhpGedView, although a lot less detailed.

I've already installed PhpGedView on one of our servers. I did that last night and tonight I've been bashing in data as quickly as I can so at least I've got a basic family tree done. Then I need to see if gedcomtoHTML parses the GEDCOM files too but I think that's a job for another day.

Oh, and less of a cough today, although it's still there. I have got some work done though, which was good: I've lost far too much time over the last three weeks.

Tags: family, websites Written 15/04/08

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On 16/04/08 at 10:43am jen wrote:

Useful tip - if you join the library you can access the Times archives for free from home, and the ancestry.com stuff for free, but from the library.

But you probably know that anyway.. It all costs loads of money..


On 16/04/08 at 11:26am Paul wrote:

Nope, this is all very new to me. My plan is to do very little other than populate the database with information I know (i.e. the easy part) and then leave my mother to do the real work. However I have got getcomToHTML working this morning. See here for an example, but that link may rot very rapidly.

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