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One Oldham


Oldham council has unveiled the result of a £100,000 municipal makeover for the borough. The result is a new visual identity - known as "One Oldham" - to replace the council's old seven squares symbol.

Oldham's old logo

Oldham Council hired marketing experts to consult residents about their perceptions of the area last year, in a bid to come up with a fresh identity.

The new logo is intended to represent the entire metropolitan borough and its varied communities, councillors say.

No solitary slogan will be used and a series of phrases all featuring the word "one" will be employed in council branding e.g.

  • Many players... One team
  • Many opportunities... One place
  • Many paths... One direction
  • Many cultures... One community

According to the BBC news web site Director for strategy and resources Liz Terry said:

Branding is about managing a reputation and what we have been hearing from people is some out-of-date, negative views about Oldham as a place and as a council.

So we felt we needed to do something about that.

The main picture that people will see is a circle. It's a circle of unity, it's about oneness, it's about saying, 'We're about many places but one destination,' for example.

Uh huh, I'll have what she's having.

Anyway here it is. This is what £100,000 buys you:

Oldham's new logo

Tags: local politics Written 17/04/08

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