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For those who follow this blog via Facebook (yes, both of you) you may have wondered what was going on with my "status" last night.

Well in a glorious "mash up" I can now update my status on Twitter either via the Web or via an SMS from my mobile phone and, as if by magic, the status appears immediately on Twitter, shortly afterwards on Facebook (with the help of TwitterSync), and within ten minutes on my own web pages (with the aid of a little PHP magic of my own). See there it is, in the new box bottom left.

This is very sad and nerdy I know, just pat me on the head and say "there, there, dear - that's very nice ... you carry on".

Tags: blogging Written 18/04/08

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On 18/04/08 at 6:04pm jen wrote:

Yes dear..

On 19/04/08 at 4:17pm Paul wrote:

Apparently Twitter was discussed on the Today programme this morning (don't know what, I heard them say they were going to but went back to sleep - perhaps it was because Gordon Brown used Twitter while in the States?). There I was thinking I was at the bleeding edge and the bloody PM is already using it. Sigh.

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