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You'll remember me ranting on the other day about the sewage works not moving and that this makes the planned new community labelled Cambridge Northern Fringe (East) unsustainable. Well, it turns out that there's more to it.

I now hear from well informed councillors that Network Rail want all the siding space after all and that LaFarge, who were the only people really using them, is keeping on bringing in aggregates there, so that means the only space left "free" for CNF(E) is the Cowley Road P&R site (which is soon to move to Butt Lane).

That's an even smaller site with a sewage works on one side and large siding on another - little chance of that being housing. I wonder where this leaves the Cambridge Parkway station project?

All a bit depressing. So, on a happier note and changing the subject completely, here's an advert for Nissan 4x4s and, if that tickles your fancy, here's some sign language back translation.

Tags: humour, local politics Written 19/04/08

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