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Corbett Bashing


The two highest hills on Mull are a "Munro"1 called Ben More and a "Corbett"2 called Dùn da Ghaoithe and today we climbed the latter.

We did it from pretty close to sea level, 30m or 100' according to my GPS and the trig point is at 2474' on a subsidiary peak and the Corbett itself is at 2513' so we had quite a height to scale. Many Munros are effectively less high as you may get to start from 1000' or more.

It's easy navigation, up a service track to two different radio mast complexes and then a random walk up a ridge to the first top where the trig point is. By the time we reached that I was knackered so Beth went on to the real top, which involved dropping somewhat before another climb to the top while I stretched out in the sun. It was a glorious day with surprisingly little wind considering the height so long as you avoided the odd wind tunnel.

Panoramic view taken from the trig point top

Visibility had got better as the morning mist burned off and you could clearly see Ben Nevis to the north (still with a bit of snow on it, as there is on the hill to its east), the Cuillins on Skye were just visible in the haze further around and to the south the Paps of Jura stood out.

Sometimes the wind dropped completely for a minute or so and there was no noise at all, which was very odd. Complete silence is such a rare thing. After an hour or so Beth came back and we fairly sprinted down the hill. It took us five hours up and couple of hours back.

My GPS claims it was about 10.5 miles across the ground. I reset the track log before we set off so I'll upload that when we get home3.

We were both knackered when we got home so rather than cooking we booked a table at an Indian restaurant in Tobermory4 and drove over there for supper.

  1. A hill greater than 3,000' high.
  2. A hill greater that 2,500' high, which is not a Munro (there's a bit more to it than that in the case of a Corbett, it must also not be part of a group of peaks of similar height).
  3. Now done and online here - look for the purple line. Beth took it to the real top so it's all there.
  4. Sagar, nothing special but perfectly palatable food, the starters were good, but paying £5.50 for a bottle of Cobra, of which I had two, didn't impress me (the price of drinks wasn't on the menu). No lassi for Beth either.

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