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Running for Home


This morning I phoned CalMac and asked them if we could change our booking off Mull from Sunday to Friday. Nope. All full. We were very pissed off with the midges by now, which were just as bad today as they had been last night.

We had a quick conference and looked at the forecast for tomorrow (which was for more rain, at least it was dry now) and decided to run for it, hoping to get on today's ferry on standby and if that failed using one of the other ferries.

We packed up very quickly, both wearing our nets to keep the midges at bay and made it to the ferry terminal with time to spare and were fourth in the reserve queue.

We got on the sailing.

The rest of the day we've spent driving south via Loch Lomond, Glasgow, the A74(M), M6, A66 and A11. The weather has been dire with a lot of very heavy rain and we thought we were going to die at one point where someone turned across the A1 in front of us. Beth was doing 70mph+ in the wet - if she'd braked hard we'd have aquaplaned and Bob alone knows how it would have turned out. As it was she took her foot off the gas and we slowed enough so we didn't collide.

We got home at about 9pm and we've unloaded everything into the sitting room but it's all just stacked up for now as we're knackered.

  1. We put £99 of diesel in the tank, a new record.

Tags: Mull Written 29/05/08

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