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Running to Catch Up


As I hinted in my Twitter status recently I've been sleeping badly and waking up horribly early since we got back. On holiday, snuggled up under lots of duvets on the air bed with Beth tucked in on one side and Jake on the other I did a lot better1, sleeping well and wanting to lie in which is most unlike me.

Anyway I've been up well before 7am the last couple of mornings which at least gives me a good start to the day. This morning I finished some urgent changes which needed making to the Rectory Farm Shop web site2 even before Beth woke up.

As I've already mentioned I'm off again shortly, probably this Friday3, and I need to be as up to date as possible before I go. With the ever improving quality of Internet connectivity via my mobile phone the customers still get a good service while I'm away but there's some things which are a pain to do while out of the office.

And then there's the mass of washing we've had backed up after two weeks away, and the tent to dry (which we tried and failed to do today) and a host of other little jobs.

I think I need a holiday.

  1. Sleeping next to Jake was odd though. For a start I'd sometimes mistake his pushing against me for Beth trying to get more space, and then there was the time when I was woken by a dog's leg trying to insert itself between mine - he's got no manners!
  2. For those of you who know about web site standards I should make it very clear that someone else designed this web site, I've just been tweaking it for the shop recently.
  3. The voyage is going pretty well so far, the last blog reports that they're at Wells on Sea and intend to skip Kings Lynn and head straight for Grimsby, which was the intended next stop after Kings Lynn. They should get to Grimsby tomorrow, then have a day exploring the Humber (they want to sail under the bridge) before making for Bridlington on Thursday. I will then join the boat on Friday if everything has gone to plan.

Written 02/06/08

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