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Running Away to Sea


Well yesterday's plan of catching up has served me well: I was thinking this afternoon that I'd just about caught up and tonight Jenny, my skipper, phoned to say she was in Grimsby and could I join Serenity two days and one port early.

I've got a dentists' appointment in the morning1 so I'm off to Grimsby tomorrow afternoon. Beth's going to drive me up there and drop me off which makes my life easier as it's three changes (Ely, Peterborough, Doncaster) and over four hours by train, plus a taxi at the other end, but only 140 miles and 2:49 by car according to Google.

So now I'm rushing around getting packed. More tomorrow night from Grimsby I hope.

  1. I had an old filled tooth fall to bits just before we went to Scotland and tomorrow is round one of replacing the bits of filling with a crown.

Tags: sailing Written 03/06/08

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