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Didn't sleep at all well last night. See yesterday for why I suspect. Ho hum. So I've meandered about today and done little of any use. We did go for a walk this afternoon , a variation on our Horningsea to Anglesey Abbey walk, which did blow a few cobwebs away.

But today's bad news is that our elderly neighbour got back from a week's holiday today only to be told that her beloved King Charles had died. He'd been taken ill in the week, they'd taken him to the vet but they couldn't save him. He was fourteen and a half so he'd had a pretty good innings for a King Charles but it's still a terrible wrench for her.

We've been through this ourselves with Tilly - it's only dog owners that understand what it's like. As another owner said to me "it's a terrible thing to say but it's worse than losing a member of your family - you may love them but they're not there every day like a dog is".

Tags: dogs, RIP, walks Written 28/06/08

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