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It's a lovely day today and Beth fancied a lie in so I did the morning dog walk. I've got Sal's "Dysfunctional" on my mobile phone so I had that blasting through my ears as I wandered around and as there was no one else in the Park I could sing along.

I've mentioned Sal before but they are so good I really should share and I found they did do one video for a track on "Dysfunctional". It's a bit of a strange video but it will introduce you to the sort of music they play.

If you like this go buy yourself a copy of "Dysfunctional" as there's lots more where this came from. There's also a EP called "Infatuation" available which this morning's experienced reminded me it's time I ordered so I just have.


Looking on the band web site I see they've got the video for "Devil May Care", the James Bond song, available for download in MP4 format. Here it is converted to Flash Video (hope that's OK with them):

Apparently the new album is imminent now so let's hope that this is a track on it (although I see you can download it as an MP3 off their web site, which is very civilised of them).

Tags: music Written 15/08/08

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