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Bavaria saves the day


Another bloody migraine today. I'm not meant to have them in the summer. That's the rule. It's not of course, there's no science behind it, but it's certainly been the pattern in past years.

These last few weeks however I've had a fair few and today I had another. Pretty mild headache which woke me at 5am and the drugs worked for that, but my brain wasn't really right until 6pm so the day was pretty much written off.

Ho hum.

But I've got a bit of work done this evening and I did get to watch Alice Robert's latest programme earlier so the day's not been a complete waste!

Bavaria tin We also discovered, on a trip to Tesco in search of things to cheer me up, that they've now stocking alcohol free Bavaria. This is a non-brewed beer from Holland which I've bought lots of online from my friend at the Alcohol Free shop and very nice it is too.

He sells it in 33cc bottles and charges £15.99 for 24 so about 67p per bottle. And that's before you add the carriage.

Tesco now have it 33cc tins and they're selling a six pack for £1.59 so that's 26.5p a can ... oh dear, no contest really.

I'm just drinking a can now while I type this. It seems fine so I'll be back to stock up.

Tags: food, health Written 21/08/08

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