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We went over to the King's Forest after lunch today for a walk. It's a place we've been to before but generally for a bit of a route march. Today we ambled, trying to keep off the made up tracks and stick to the earth paths1.

As you'll know if you've read my report of previous walks we often see deer, both here and in the countryside we walk in but today we couldn't move for them. The most we saw at a time was only three, but we kept seeing them: pairs, singletons, and the aforementioned three. Mostly they didn't hang around long but one, which we surprised when we came to a crossroads of tracks and he was just off to our right, stood transfixed for a very long time before dashing off into the woods.

Another, which Beth spotted in some deciduous woodland, looked at us carefully, decided we were no threat and continued to graze while keeping an eye on us. Beth took some photos. It was in the shade and she had to use a long exposure (1/13) and maximum zoom (432mm equivalent!) but after a bit of cropping she got this.

We ended the walk with an ice cream from the van parked at the Country Park nearby and then home for a fish and chip supper.

A good day.

  1. You can see our track, hot off my GPS, here - we went clockwise.

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