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Who's Died?


I was still asleep this morning when the phone rang. I looked at my watch. It was 8am. Exactly. "Oh shit" I thought and grabbed the phone.

But it was just the doctors' surgery to tell me that they're changing my meds as a result of some blood tests I had done last week.

"Did I wake you up?" she asked.

"Yes," I said "I thought someone had died".

And, quite seriously, I did. I explained the logic to Beth afterwards. If someone close to me had died in the night then the earliest it would be reasonable to phone the following day to tell me was 8am. And that's precisely the thought that went through my head as I looked at my watch as no one ever phones us that early1.

Is it just me?

  1. In fact these days people seldom phone at all, email has replaced the phone as a primary communication medium for a lot of things.

Written 29/08/08

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On 24/09/08 at 3:47pm Naich wrote:

It's not just you. 20-odd years ago I was rung at 8am to be told a friend had died in the night. On the few occasions someone has rung at that time since then, I've had exactly the same "Oh shit" moment as you.

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