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I was having lunch in the Wrestlers today and one of my colleagues had a pint of Diet Coke. It came it two cans. Here's a photo.

Diet Pepsi with 2012 logo

It's a bit blurry I'm afraid but I hope you can see the iconic Coke bottle with the Olympic rings on. To the left is the logo of the 2008 Olympics and on the right ... yes, it's the first product I've seen branded with the 2012 logo. There's four years to go and already it's starting.

It's like the Spice Girls all over again.

Tags: olympics Written 30/08/08

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On 31/08/08 at 8:36pm John Mullen wrote:

It is indeed sad - a PINT of DIET COKE.

On 31/08/08 at 9:15pm Paul wrote:

Yes, and you know the man who was drinking it too. A contemporary of ours ...

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