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Helicopter Heroes


Beth's been watching Helicopter Heroes via BBC iPlayer for the last couple of weeks so it seems appropriate that we had a visit today. Our local air ambulance flew over the country park as I was heading back from walking Jake and it looked like it was going to land somewhere down Fen Road so we diverted for a nose.

And indeed it had touched down. There was an ordinary ambulance there too and it looked like one of the lads who rides scramble bikes and quad bikes in the field off the road had come off. Certainly they were preparing to put someone into a back board.

I left them to it while mentally wishing the rider good luck and headed for home.

It's been a funny day all round really as Beth headed off for Scotland this morning1 so I'm now alone for a week and a half. This isn't the first time I've been home alone but it's the longest by some way. Still, it does mean I get to eat lots of pizza!

  1. In Rudolf the Land Rover 90 rather than Dougal the Discovery as she discovered this morning that it's drunk the best part of four litres of water in the last 100 miles. This is not good news.

Tags: Beth, country park, Jake Written 21/09/08

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