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One of the web sites I look after is the one for Angioma Alliance UK, not least because the thing in my brain whose bleed lead to my stroke in 2002 is a cavernous angioma. Or rather it's not, not in this country anyway. Here we call it a cavernoma and so the charity's about to change its name.

It was called Angioma Alliance UK originally because there's a much longer established organisation, the Angioma Alliance in the US and they were very helpful in setting up the UK charity.

But now it's time to leave home and get a new name. The charity is becoming Cavernoma Alliance UK and as part of that we decided to get a new logo. I wrote up a brief and put it online. After a couple of false starts we found a designer and we've now got some designs which I'm circulating around so here's you chance to comment if you're interested.

Go here and see what you think. You've got until next Friday.

Tags: health, web design Written 09/10/08

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