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Strange Day


Well the financial world is going to hell in a handcart although not, it now seems, taking my money with it1. But outside the sun is shining and, as they were pointing out on Radio 4 today, a lot of people are saying "what's all the fuss?".

And it is very odd - although governments and bankers seem to be running around like headless chickens and the FTSE continues to tumble despite the chancellor's intervention and the coordinated drop of base rates around the world by 0.5% very few people are really feeling it yet.

Perhaps it's because the actions of the Government are, as yet, protecting us from real harm. For example the worst effect it's had on me is that I now can't get to the cash I had in Kaupthing Edge for a couple of weeks - but I wasn't going to anyway so what's the big deal.

It's the recession that's lurking behind the banking fiasco that's going to do the real harm though. I've lived through a few of those already and they're not much fun. I ended up being paid a month in arrears during the last one, but we survived in the end to live another day.

At least this time around we've no mortgage to worry about.

See: there are some advantages in being old (and childless).

  1. It's going to Holland instead.

Written 08/10/08

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