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Money Isn't Everything ...


... which is lucky really because after this morning's trip to Rogers of Bedford Dougal the Discovery is now booked in for a replacement head and head gasket which is going to set us back the best part of £2,000. Oh yes, and he estimates its value at about £2,500 now - we paid about £6,500 less than two years ago. That's the second hand 4x4 market for you.

Meanwhile the bank where I keep my ready access savings, Kaupthing Edge, looks like it may follow Icesave down the pan. They're claiming that as they're a UK bank it doesn't matter that their Icelandic parent has had its shares suspended and has been taken over by the Icelandic government but it doesn't look good.

I'll get my money back whatever happens as my money is covered by the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme1. The question is when.

Oh well. At least I've got my health ... oh. Damn.

  1. This is assuming of course that that continues to work, but if we get to the point where that can no longer pay out then we're all doomed wherever our money is.

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On 08/10/08 at 11:44am Paul wrote:

Heh, apparently ING have "rescued" Kaupthing Edge. Guess where I had that money before I moved it to Kaupthing Edge ...

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