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Gordon Laurie RIP


Cambridge News today has an article about Milton villager Gordon Laurie, who died recently. Gordon was the first chairman of the children's hospice trustees and that was what the article focuses on.

He was also our neighbour, living across the road from us in a gorgeous thatched cottage that he and his wife Joy loved. They were there when we arrived a dozen or more years ago. In those days they were still fly fishing, a sport they both enjoyed. The summer would find them disappearing off to Scotland for weeks at a time to catch salmon.

But with the passing of the years it became more difficult and in the end they had to give it up. The his and hers silver Mercedes became one as they realised they really didn't need two cars any more. But they still had lots of holidays and when they were at home they could be found in their vast conservatory enjoying the afternoon sun.

Sometimes Gordon would wander across the road for a chat. Although he and I really were of a very different age and outlook (he used to be chairman of the local Conservative Association and I never saw him without a tie on, ever) we would often gossip for quite a while. And he would always ask me how I was, despite having health problems all of his own.

Now, after a long final stay in hospital, he's gone. A sad loss.

Tags: RIP Written 25/10/08

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