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An Iconic Photo


Barack Obama's campaign team have posted a series of intimate pictures from election night on his Flickr page, where he, his family, colleagues1 and supporters can be seen watching television from a hotel room as the results gradually come in.

The behind the scenes images, taken by his official campaign photographer, David Katz, show the anxious moments before the results are declared. I thought this one was particularly fine.

Barack Obama watching the results coming in

I was watching an interview with George Clooney today, who's a serious Obama supporter, saying how charismatic the man is. Coming from Clooney that's quite a statement in itself but he's dead right.

Let's hope he lives up to his promise. The real work begins now and he's been left a toxic legacy by Bush.

  1. Including Joe Biden, someone who's been rather forgotten in the orgy of adulation for Obama's victory but should be a great Vice President judging by what little of seen of him speaking.

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