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Nice Sausages


It's been a good food day today. We had lunch at the Wrestlers, and then we popped in the Continental Delicatessen on Chesterton Road (just west of the Elizabeth Way roundabout) on the way back. It's a place we'd spotted before and said we should pop into but hadn't got around to doing so but it was recommended to us over lunch so we made the effort today.

It was well worth it. A more accurate description would be "Polish Grocer" and it had all sorts of lovely goodies. A particular high point, which H had told us to look out for, was the sausage fridge. A vast display fridge filled with cooked sausages of all shapes and sizes. So we bought a couple of big smoked pork sausages from there along with a garlic and paprika marinaded ham, plus a tub of pickled herrings, some biscuits and chocolate coated gingerbread, a blocked of smoked cheese and some Polish style (it's baked somewhere in London) rye bread.

So supper tonight was smoked sausage on rye bread with a little mustard, and most excellent it was too.

We've also spent a lot of time in front of the fire reading, which is always a good way to spend a lazy afternoon and evening.

Tags: Cambridge, food Written 08/11/08

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On 12/11/08 at 3:37pm Paul wrote:

I forgot to mention: we had Waitrose croissants for breakfast too, which are always very fine.

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