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Twenty Quid


I downloaded my latest bank statement today and as usual did a quick bank reconciliation using GnuCash and I was £20 out, in my favour. Curious. Turns out that on 27th November someone transferred £20 to my current account.

I had no idea who it was though. It clearly wasn't a mistake as the reference was "OLDHAM PAUL MR". So I phoned the bank and the nice young lady looked it up. All she could tell me was that it came from sort code 60-00-01, account number 39418618 and that 60-00-01 is Nat West's City branch. She suggested I not worry about it.

I did do a Google search on that account code but to no avail (lots of matches just on the sort code mind you). In the end I actually phoned Nat West head office (an 0800 number or else I wouldn't have bothered).

They were really quite rude and said there was no way they could reveal who the account belonged to.

So I thanked them for their "help" and moved on.

So thank you someone for £20, and perhaps by posting their bank account details here a future Google searcher may find a solution and add a comment to this article.

Written 04/12/08

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On 21/01/09 at 9:31am Ch K wrote:

I got a really odd number of 4.21 from the same account - anybody have any ideas?

On 24/01/09 at 9:27am Paul wrote:

I finally tracked this down today. I was a saver with Kaupthing Edge, the UK branch of one of the Icelandic banks that went titsup. It was saved by ING but I withdrew all my money and asked them to close the account. Months later and my final statement arrived today. It records £20 interest that they owed me after I'd withdrawn my balance. So that's where this money came from. Mystery solved.

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