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Perfect Day


I'm lying here on the sofa listening to Lou Reed and it seems like a good time to mention what an exceptionally pleasant walk we just had. It was nothing special route wise, just a variation on our usual wander from Bottisham to the mill at Lode and back.

But what made it so fine was that the weather was glorious. The sun was out and although there was a breeze it was more than warm enough to just wear T shirts. In retrospect I wish I'd put shorts on too. Crossing Quy Fen I pointed out to Beth that it was only a few weeks ago that we'd crossed this land when it was covered with snow and look at it now.

It was also nice to be (relatively) migraine free for a change. I'm in the middle of a nasty little cluster at the moment. It's been going on for two weeks and I've had migraines every day for the last six days with a particularly vicious one yesterday that saw me spend quite a lot of the day in bed. Today although there was something lingering there is was very mild compared to yesterday and paracetamol and codeine took care of that.

So a good day.

Tags: health, walks Written 16/03/09

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On 03/05/09 at 9:33am Paul wrote:

Sadly that wasn't the end of it: I had a migraine later that day and the cluster, which had started on 3rd March continued until 14th April average a migraine on three days out of four in March and a run on eleven straight days at one point. Not good.

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