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A Short Walk


We popped over to Stow cum Quy Fen today using the bridleway from the lay by just north of Horningsea for a short loop over to the Fen and back.

We stopped and sat on the log in front of William Ison's memorial stone for a long time.

William Ison

It was such a lovely day: warm without being too hot, a gentle breeze, some high cloud but with lots of gaps. Couldn't be better really. And then back past Allicky Farm we saw a muntjac grazing in a field of rape which had already been harvested.


That photo is taken with 12x zoom on my new camera and it's not shrunk in size at all (unlike the first photo) just very heavily cropped. Not a bad shot despite that.

Tags: deer, photos, walks Written 06/09/09

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On 07/09/09 at 7:19am Simon Booth wrote:

That's not a muntjac - we reckon it's a Roe.

On 07/09/09 at 7:33am Paul wrote:

I wondered that too but having squinted at this page on the British Deer Society site for a while decided it looked closer to a muntjac. But having looked at some other photos on the Web this morning I think you're right (a doe presumably as no antlers?).

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