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Our district council has been jumping through hoops to get themselves a "Sustainable Travel Plan". It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.  read more ...


The agenda and supporting documents for this month's parish council meeting make depressing reading for me as an ex-member of that council.  read more ...


You'll remember me ranting on the other day about the sewage works not moving and that this makes the planned new community labelled Cambridge Northern Fringe (East) unsustainable. ...  read more ...


Oldham council has unveiled the result of a £100,000 municipal makeover for the borough. The result is a new visual identity - known as "One Oldham"...  read more ...


The bad news today for Milton, the village where I live, is that the Cambridge sewage works, which is located just upwind of us, is no longer going to be moved downwind.  read more ...


Yeah, the little bugger is back. Throat getting sorer again and I've got more of a cough. Got diddly squat done today. Spent a lot of time dozing on the sofa.  read more ...


There's currently stirring locally against the use of "green lanes" by 4x4s and other motor vehicles. Vicky Ford's blog is a good example. As a occasional green laner and a walker ...  read more ...

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