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Catching Up


So, I've been a little distracted for the last ten days of so by the aftermath of the dog incident. The current state of the nation is that Jack and I are off to the vet today and hopefully he will be allowed to have his ruff off which will make my life a lot easier as I can then, potentially, walk both dogs at the same time.

Which brings me on to the second issue which is that Beth can still only walk with crutches so I'm doing all the dog walking, cooking etc which we normally split between us (and also all the driving, which is most unusual - normally I let Beth drive when we're out together).

Beth's foot, six days after the event

When we went back to the fracture clinic at Addenbrooke's on Monday they said they suspected she might have broken her navicular, breaks in which don't show up well on X-ray so she would need a CT scan. But having got us over to the clinic they couldn't actually offer us a scan then, they would have to book us an appointment. "They would write to us" but he would "mark is as urgent". I wasn't very impressed to be honest: we didn't need to make that visit at all - they could have just phoned up and told us that. Or booked a CT scan to coincide with our appointment.

Anyway, Tuesday lunchtime the phone rings and it's Addenbrooke's CT department: they've had a cancellation - could we come in on Wednesday for 08:30(!)? So we did that, although it did mean a rather early start as I had to walk both dogs first.

Then, as it happens, I was back at Addenbrooke's myself on Wednesday afternoon for an MRI scan on my brain (see here for more on that) so two visits in one day1.

Which brings us to Thursday where I woke up with the mother of a migraine and Beth needed to see our GP about something unrelated to the break. In Milton the only reliable way to get a morning appointment is to queue up at 07:30 so I took Jessie up there, hung around outside until the initial rush subsided, and then dived in and booked an appointment leaving her tied to the fence outside for a couple of minutes. Then dogs walks, breakfast, take Beth to the GP, take her prescription to Tesco (narrowly missing another car on the way out), back home to get bread out of bread maker and into oven, make some lunch. Then get back in truck, drive over to Addenbrooke's again, wait while Beth has an ultrasound scan to see if she's got gallstones2, then get her home via Tesco again to pick up her drugs.

So bit of a long and stressful day really, although the previous nine have been little better. But the migraine3 really didn't help. On the plus side we did have a very pleasant little BBQ for supper, which seemed like the first proper bit of fun I've had in ten days.

  1. I mentioned this to the lady in MRI reception "oh, you should have popped in this morning" she said "we might have had a cancellation and being able to fit you in then". D'oh!
  2. She has which, bizarre as this will sound if you're coming on this cold, is actually rather good news as far as we're concerned.
  3. It wasn't gone by the time I went to sleep at midnight which I thinks a record even for me. So much for this bloody migraine prophylaxis: all I'm getting so far is the side effects (I've now got permanently tingly finger tips).

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