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On Spooning


Thanks to Ellie I've been reading Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens for the first time over Christmas1 and I wanted to share this with you as it made me giggle:

I mean, in the old days, and it wasn't so long ago really, there had been an angler every dozen yards along the bank; children had played here; courting couples had come to listen to the splish and gurgle of the river, and to hold hands, and to get all lovey-dovey in the Sussex sunset. He'd done that with Maud, his missus, before they were married. They'd come here to spoon and, on one memorable occasion, fork.

I love the English language: it lets you play all sorts of simple little tricks like this, and I almost missed this one as I'm a paragraph reader and it relies on a near homophone which is easy miss when you read that way.

  1. Along with various other books from Santa of which more later no doubt, this one's just a loaner.

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