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It's lucky I'm better


... because today's being quite something. In no particular order I have had long conversations with various people from organisations who are helping us with our proposal to take on the Park, made a complaint about someone attempting to run a cartel in relation to the above (more on that later I suspect), read an excellent blog entry about a cat helped by the London Ambulance Service, squinted at weather forecasts (we're meant to be sailing across the Thames to Southend for the air show tomorrow or Monday - don't think we will be somehow), discovered what the new cabinet posts at SCDC actually mean, helped Make Votes Count send out an email shot, done an interview on Q103 with the lovely Helen for the Pledge for the Park campaign, booked an appointment with a quango who may be able to help us with funding if we take on the Park, answered numerous emails from supporters (which happens every time we send out a mailshot, as we did on last night), discussed the joys of macerating toilets, policed the cam.* Wiki, liaised with other campaign supporters over press stories we're running soon including the first wedding reception at the Visitor Centre which takes place tomorrow, and booked a nice cup of tea and a sit down with a friend for next week.

So it's been quite a long day. Been good though. I like being busy. I just wish I could be more often.

Tags: country park, health, local politics, press, websites Written 25/05/07

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