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Tamsin Greig


Continuing my occasional wibbling about young women on the telly for no really good reason I discovered last night that Tamsin Greig is on BBC iPlayer playing Alice in Love Soup.

For me this is a real pleasure as Tamsin plays Debbie Aldridge in The Archers and has a very sexy voice. Nice to see her in the flesh at last ... even if it is a rather odd little comedy.

I gather from reading around since that she's done quite a lot of comedy, both on the radio and on TV.

I really must get out more.

Tags: tv Written 21/04/08

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On 24/04/08 at 11:27am Simon Booth wrote:

Would you like to borrow some Black Books?

On 28/04/08 at 8:37pm Paul wrote:

Oooh, yes please. YHM.

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