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Gosh do we ache after yesterday. It wasn't that long a walk for us now: we tend to regard 10-12 miles as the norm, but we suffered for it this time. I think it as a combination of the hard ground and getting a bit dehydrated.

With the latter in mind we've both been investigating new hydration solutions today and I've ordered a "Base Runner 2" bum bag which comes with two water bottles on board.

Other than that it's been a day for pottering about.

I've made some radical changes to our spam filtering so that even more of it is hidden from us. You can see the charts here which I've also set up today so I can see what's going on (although there's not much data there yet). The critical point is that before today everything in yellow and orange ended up in our "Spam" folders. Now only the yellow does. That's a huge difference and means we can then start looking more seriously at what the filters are missing with a view to turning that spam from yellow to orange if it comes again.

I've also upgraded the video software we're using so the flash videos we're hosting will be 480x360 from now on rather than 320x240. This new size is the same as YouTube and I think you'll see from yesterday's entry that the extra size compared to the old size as shown here.

Meanwhile it was a genuinely nice day today: sun shining, very early Summer weather so I delayed going to the Park until 6pm, and it was still very busy.

Tags: spam, walks Written 05/05/08

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