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Islay to Mull


It was raining when we went to bed last night and windy too (although nothing new there - it's been windy all week) and at 6am we got up, an hour earlier than planned, and took the the tent down in the rain before making for the ferry off the island.

The rest of the day was pretty much as planned and relatively dull. We drove to Oban, popped into Millets for a new air bed, pump, gas bottle and a head net for me, to Tesco for more food and diesel, and then took the ferry over to Mull.

The head net turned out to be a worthwhile investment as the midges were horrendous on the new camp site. We gave up on our plans for supper on site and drove to Tobermory for some rather excellent haddock and chips, freshly cooked to order at the van on the pier.

Tags: food, Islay, Mull Written 23/05/08

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