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999, the number of the police


In the pub yesterday I mentioned that there had been mutterings about a national non-emergency number for the police instead of having per force numbers which no one can remember.

333 was the number being proposed.

This lead to suggestions as to other useful numbers and we ended out with:

  999 - for police/fire/ambulance emergency
  888 - for the near casino
  777 - for the terrorist helpline
  666 - for an emergency exorcist
  555 - for your nearest tobacconist
  333 - police non-emergency

At this point we went our separate ways so I'll leave 444, 222, 111, and 000 as an exercise for the reader (the last is perhaps the extraterrestrial dialing code prefix?).

Tags: humour Written 05/10/08

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On 05/10/08 at 4:08pm Paul wrote:

We concluded while on our walk today that 222 is the number to call if you want a sound engineer and (although this is a bit of a stretch) 111 is the number to call if you want seven assembler programmers. So still looking for 444, and any more suggestions for the other ones.

On 06/10/08 at 2:55pm Simon Booth wrote:

444: Scottish football announcers?

On 08/10/08 at 5:09pm Paul wrote:

"Forfar 4" you mean? Oh lord, that's bad. But hey, it's the best we've got at the moment.

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