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Up Pen y Fan


Today we walked up Pen y Fan which, at 2,907ft, is the second highest hill I've ever climbed1 so that was cool.

I did take some video from the top which you can find here and here but I think this video, which I took just below the summit2 panning round towards the final bit of path to the top, is more evocative.

We went for what is apparently the easiest route up3. That involves parking at a busy car park on the south western side and joining the masses trudging up a track to the top. It's a slog to be honest - the only flat part is the bit I was on when I was taking that video, the rest of it is up, up, up. It was much harder work than the longer ascent we did on Mull in May (see my footnote below).

But it was worth it - the views were stunning and we even had hot soup on the top courtesy of Beth's Jetboil stove.

  1. The highest was Cadair Idris back in the early 90s, which is just a few feet taller at 2,930 ft. And in fact I've climbed further this year as although the hill we climbed in May on Mull was only 2,474ft we started at 100ft so that was a 2,374ft ascent whereas today's (we started from about 1,200ft) was only about 1,700ft of ascent.
  2. I'm standing just below Corn Du if you want a more exact location.
  3. You can follow it here if you're so inclined - interesting to note that, as we've seen before, tracks which aren't rights of way are often only notionally right on 1:50,000 maps, the Corbett track shows another example of that - look at the track above Mail nan Uan which we were on!

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