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I don't believe in fixed width web pages. It's a religious thing and if it doesn't mean anything to you it's probably time to move on. For those that do you may have noticed that my pages here have never been fixed width, so whatever size your browser window is the page uses all the width it can.

However I was struck when looking at Tuesday's Norwich posting that if you go full screen on a big screen (as some people do, especially Windows users for some reason) it didn't look very good. It only really looked "right" at my preferred browser window width (typically around 900 pixels) or lower.

So today I've spent some time re-engineering the site. You should now find that if your browser window is 935 pixels or less it will look exactly like it did before. If it's more than that it will only use 912 pixels and display the content on a grey field.

Try it with different browser sizes if you've got the screen real estate (you need to re-load the page each time, it doesn't cope with that in real time for reasons I've not got to the bottom of yet).

Tags: web design Written 14/11/08

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