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In 2008 I took up the challenge of Blog 365 and joined a lot of people in blogging every day for a year. I succeeded, although it was hard work at times as my post at the end of the year noted, which is why I didn't carry on with it and instead just wibbled here occasionally.

But 2010 looks like being an interesting year and I'm already planning to post a lot about my travels for 50 at 50 so I'm going to give it another go and try to post something every day.

Phew, that was easy then. Only another 363 days to go!

And hey, I've also added an "I am currently reading" box to these pages. Sad I know but as I am reading a lot at the moment why not.

Tags: blogging, books, web design Written 02/01/10

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On 03/01/10 at 10:38pm Paul wrote:

I've been fettling my pages today in preparation for 50 at 50 and it's now clear that postings I make relating to that will not be appearing in the Wiblog ... however I'm still counting that towards my daily posting target so if there's nothing here for a day try looking over on the 50 at 50 pages.

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