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I walked down Fen Road to the Cam this morning expecting the fields to be starting to flood given reports I've seen only to discover that although the field opposite by Biggin Abbey was awash the river seemed to be going down as there was a definite "tide mark" of debris on the bank.  read more ...


A while ago now I had cause to look up the River Cam on Wikipedia. On that page there's a map of the river in the style of a London Underground map showing all the branches and things that cross it.  read more ...


As it's an unseasonably nice day I've been out taking photos around the village for the Milton village photo archive and when I got back I slurped them off the camera to take a look at them.  read more ...


I've wasted far too much time lately worrying about a web site which Cambridgeshire County Council is imposing on us called ShapeYourPlace which aims to be a "one stop shop" both for reporting issues within our community and for posting local news and events.  read more ...


Ah, the joys of rail franchises. They're planning a new "Cambridge Science Park" (really Cambridge North) railway station which will be a lot easier for me to get to on foot or bike than Waterbeach, the next station north of here. I went to a public meeting about it tonight and asked a question.  read more ...


Today I finally got around to revealing the Milton Photo Archive to the world, something I spent a lot of time working on the last time Beth was away researching walks for WalkLakes.  read more ...


I bought a "Willow Farm" chicken from Milton Tesco yesterday. Today Beth got it out of the fridge to roast it and got suspicious about the weight so she put it on our scales.  read more ...

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