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Long time readers of my wibblings here know that we don't have a TV licence and haven't since before we moved here, something which has even got me into the New York Times in the past.  read more ...


I'd like to tell you what a lot of useful things I did today ...  read more ...


It's been a frustrating day, not least because the video and photo in yesterday's posting don't seem to be accessible to some...  read more ...


Did you know that a Bugatti Veyron can do 0-60 in 2.5 seconds? No, me neither but when you've got an 8 litre W16 engine with four turbos delivering around 1,000bhp ...  read more ...


I've not been well today but that did give me the opportunity to watch the last 2.5 episodes of Commander in Chief.  read more ...


Thanks to Malcolm I've found a new way to while away a few hours. The TV series Commander in Chief stars Geena Davis ...  read more ...


At the risk of turning into Alice Robert's fanboy I had a chat about her programmes to my mate Cindy last night...  read more ...

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