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As this cold snap comes to an end it's a bit of a strange time to be talking about ways of getting around on the ice ...  read more ...


Rather late in the day as we've been back for a week but here's a quick report on Fawber 2009.  read more ...


We popped over to Stow cum Quy Fen today using the bridleway from the lay by just north of Horningsea for a short loop over to the Fen and back.  read more ...


... and Hurricane and Lancaster too. We went for a walk on Saturday. We parked at Lode, walked to the river, along the ride bank to Upware, back down quiet lanes and byways ...  read more ...


And so, having finished our joint boating odyssey we move on swiftly to week two of our break.  read more ...


I'm lying here on the sofa listening to Lou Reed and it seems like a good time to mention what an exceptionally pleasant walk we just had. It was nothing special route wise, just a variation on our usual wander from Bottisham to the mill at Lode and back.  read more ...


I've not posted here for a while, which is a bit of a contrast to last year's blog fest. ...  read more ...

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