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I got an email recently from a company asking if they could use some of my photographs. This is it:  read more ...


I was reading a blog post today Why Twitter Represents Everything Wrong With America Today and, if you're a Twitter user I commend it to you as it's very good. However he makes some points about Facebook which I think are worth highlighting for Facebook users.  read more ...


For a while now I've been wondering if I could set up an auto-responder for Facebook Messenger because although I use Facebook I don't, despite Facebook's determined attempts to make me, use Messenger. So when people do message me then, if I'm at home using my browser I do see their message. Eventually.  read more ...


I've been meaning to wibble on about MUBI for a while. According to MUBI it is "a curated online cinema bringing you cult, classic, independent, and award-winning movies".  read more ...


I know a lot of people use it but I'm not a great fan of Facebook Messenger. I think part of the reason is that it's imposed upon you: if you use Facebook then, implicitly, you are using Messenger. I can find no way of saying "I don't use Messenger" and people assume you do. So they message you anyway. Sometimes about stuff that matters, and that's a problem.  read more ...


If you're coming to this fresh you need to read this article first which explains how it is that for some mailing lists we host I was having to re-write the From address so that mailman produces a mail that looks like this:  read more ...


The Hug run a list server which hosts various lists both locally and nationally because it's the sort of thing we do for ourselves, our friends, our community and for organisations we support and, if you're reading this post, you may well be a subscriber to one or more of them.  read more ...

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